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Anseris Servicios Banca y Finanzas

Anseris offers consultancy services to the finance sectors in two specific areas: QA (Quality Assurance) and custom developments.

Our biggest challenge is to help financial entities, both in Europe as well as in the American market, to solve the requirements of an increasingly complex context, like: payment platforms, Web services, commercial presence, cloud services and mainly, information safety. We must contribute efficient solutions, showing our compromise and understanding of the situation. That is why we have been improving our efficiency, channels, strategy and client management. Anseris is committed to the modernization of the Banking sector regarding its technological infrastructures, providing a higher automation level that enables the constant increase of clients.

We have worked both on the operational and technological area, as well as wide experience in the development and implementation of management models for this integrations. We want to be present with our clients in this technological adaptation models.

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