Create, edit and export custom email templates in Adobe easily; no development needed

Emailing templates Adobe Experience Manager Anseris

Creating, editing, customizing and exporting email templates within Adobe Experience Manager for email campaigns can be easily achieved in just a few hours. No development is needed. Yes, it is that easy now, thanks to our solution: a drag & drop tool that enables you to generate customized email templates in an easy and independent manner and in the shortest possible time. There is no need to leave the Adobe platform, no need for a developer, no complications, and you can do it directly from within the tool itself, with no intermediate steps.

Our solution adds new features to Adobe Experience Manager allowing you to create, edit, and customize email templates from basic designs. Base templates are easily edited by dragging components and customizing their content and styling. Then, once your template is ready to be sent, you will only need to export it and send it from any email application you normally use for your projects.

You will be able to save and retrieve the templates that you have created (such as welcome / thank you / congratulations emails) at any time and edit them as many times as you want to create your own custom template collection for each project. You can also create the body content of your email communication flow and tailor it to different audiences in a simple direct way. No technical team needed.

Generate and export an email file that you can send from any platform, not just Adobe.

Thanks to this solution, not only will you gain complete independence from corporate marketing and content generation teams, -with all the benefits that this entails-, but you will also manage without the help of a technical team.

Emailing templates Adobe Experience Manager Anseris
Emailing templates Adobe Experience Manager Anseris
Emailing templates Adobe Experience Manager Anseris
Emailing templates Adobe Experience Manager Anseris

60% of hours of work saved in email creation

These benefits translate into the following results:

A 60% reduction of tasks related to the generation of email templates for your campaigns.
80% savings on the cost per email.
Email creation becomes 9 times faster.

The resulting email templates are of high quality and will not differ in any way from those built with custom code: images, videos, customization… You will get the same professional results but with unmatched time savings.

If we add this solution to those we have already seen in previous posts, -such as the Look and Feel Customization, Salesforce forms or Digital Assets Management-, the savings in development costs (and time) you get are extraordinary, allowing you to capitalize on the use of Adobe Experience Manager and leverage the most powerful tool on the market. Start now to make the most of this solution and you will see how things start to change for your team. The results will speak for themselves!

All our solutions can be tailored to each client and project, so we recommend that you contact us to discuss the specific needs of your marketing, design, contribution and/or content teams. You will find that, thanks to our solutions for Adobe Experience Manager, not only will your team’s workload be reduced, but they will be able to develop the entire digital experience for their client in a customized way without editing a line of code. Discover how easy your project can be!