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Easily create custom lead capture forms on the fly, without development and within Adobe Experience Manager.


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Lead generation has become a fundamental part of any company’s digital strategy. Almost 70% of B2B companies use forms and landing pages to acquire potential customers (Source: Marketo).

The problem is that the task of designing and creating quality lead generation forms is not always easy for the digital marketing team. Generating and publishing forms usually involves too many intermediate steps which slow down production times and often even require development.

At Anseris, we have detected the problem and come up with its solution: we offer the possibility of creating forms, which can be integrated directly with Salesforce, within Adobe Experience Manager.

Using a “drag and drop” feature, you can define the form’s fields, containers, attributes, and metadata, as well as add validations, and, finally, publish it on the spot, without needing intermediaries or technical knowledge.

But that’s not all; you can also add styles, a functionality which does not exist in Salesforce by default, but comes with an additional cost and a separate integration.

For all these reasons, our solution significantly reduces the time-to-market, offering the ability to launch a web form in a matter of hours, personalize it, and use the data commercially within the platform itself.

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Adobe Integrated Forms



reduction of tasks in creating already integrated forms


less dependency on a technical or development team


customizable with custom-built components

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