Email Templates: Adobe Experience Manager

Easily create, edit, customize, and export email templates in Adobe Experience Manager for your email campaigns.


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In B2B marketing, email is widely considered the most effective distribution channel for demand generation (source: Content Marketing Institute).

For teams working with Adobe Experience Manager, building templates before sending email campaigns can be time-consuming because they require specific development or the use of external applications. Oftentimes, this practice might lead to additional costs, not only in financial terms but also in terms of production and delivery times.

To address this challenge, Anseris has introduced a simple and specific solution for creating email templates within Adobe Experience Manager. Thanks to this functionality, creating templates for the most frequently-sent emails (such as, welcome, thank you, etc.) will be quick and easy.

Using a drag-and-drop feature, business marketers will be able to create and edit email templates, make formatting changes, generate, and export the resulting file – all without leaving Adobe Experience Manager or relying on a developer.

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